Stainless steel conveyers for bakery and food industry.  Transport of dough, bread, pastry, containers. Including control, electronic and accessories.

Stainles steel conveyers brochure (*.pdf)


Rustless conveyers for bakeries and food industry. Dough transport, bread, pastry, cartons, containers transport. Variable types of belts - PVC belts, plastic belts, wire belts, modular belts.

  • dough transport, bread, pastry transport
  • made from rustless steel
  • design, production, mounting
  • built-to-order demountable construction


Fryers, fryers for doughnuts, flour silos, storages, flour transport, pneumatic transport, spiral transport, tenzometric weigh, rustless conveyers, modular conveyers, custom-made components from stainless steel, special machines. Engineering, production and service for bakeries and sweetshops.

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