Automatic professional stainless steel fryers fro bakery and food industry. High quality, high production. Accessories for doughnut proofing.

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Automatic fryer FRITAS F48, F60

friteza-komplet-nahled Automatic rustless fryer for bakeries and sweetshops. Production of dougnuts, cakes, donuts, chips and other frit bakery products. Machines are built in 3 degrees of automation - ECONOMY, FRITA, FRITAS. For higher prouctivity is recommended "twins" version.

Fryer has programmable electronic and accessories for proofing doughnuts (carts and carriers). Built-in proofer is optional equipment.

Technical properties:

  • electronic on the left or right side
  • fryer with or without proofer
  • size for 48 or 60 doughnuts (F48, F60 version)
  • motor-operated basket movement
  • motor-operated cover movement
  • cart with 8 or 10 carriers
    model FRITAS with special equipment
  • turn-up system integrated into frit basket
  • automatic drip dray movement
  • digital proofer control
  • new software, new electronic

Model FRITAS without proofer Model FRITA with proofer

motor-driven cover x x x
automatic drip-dray movement - - x
digital proofer control - - x
program for "flat" basket - - x
turn-up system integration into basket into electronic into basket
electronic keyboard type microswitches foil microswitches



Automatic FRITAS F48

Economic FRITAS F48

FRITA F48 (older type)



Fryers, fryers for doughnuts, flour silos, storages, flour transport, pneumatic transport, spiral transport, tenzometric weigh, rustless conveyers, modular conveyers, custom-made components from stainless steel, special machines. Engineering, production and service for bakeries and sweetshops.

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