SVAM LITOMYSL produce and sell machines for bakeries and food industry, such as fryers, fillers, silos, flour transport, conveyers, proofers, custom-built accessories.

Engineering, production, service, technological support. We have own construction and service department.

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Fryers   Modular conveyers
Table fryer   Modular conveyers
Automatic fryer FRITA    
Automatic fryer FRITAS   Dough transport
Manual fryer FRITAS ECONOMY   Stainless steel conveyers
Hand filler   Proofers
Hand filler PKR-2   Box proofers
Sila, moučné hospodářství   Výrobní program firmy
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Fryers, fryers for doughnuts, flour silos, storages, flour transport, pneumatic transport, spiral transport, tenzometric weigh, rustless conveyers, modular conveyers, custom-made components from stainless steel, special machines. Engineering, production and service for bakeries and sweetshops.

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